We believe the fees for removable services should be all-inclusive and predictable. All of our full and partial dentures are traditional heat cured for fit and strength. We offer three ranges of dentures: Economy, IPN and Premium Dentures. The Premium Denture includes choice of teeth and Ivocap Heat and Pressure Injection Processing. Premium processing is best for full dentures.


Partial Dentures

Partial dentures have become a patient favorite for specific dental situations. Harmony offers completely partial dentures, as well as our Hybrid, which is made using a Vitallium® framework paired with flexible clasping, for the best of stability and esthetics.


DuraFlex™ Flexible Partials

With better esthetics and hygiene DuraFlex™ flexible partials are becoming the premier choice for doctors and patients alike. DuraFlex™ partials provide a more natural look and a comfortable fit. DuraFlex™ partials is an advanced thermoplastic dental material that is lightweight, flexible and stain resistant.



Our Thermo Acrylic Nightguard is our most widely prescribed nightguard. It is made from a single layer of Elastic Resin-Acrylic that softens in hot water for patient comfort and for easy delivery. The material then becomes rigid like hard acrylic within a minute in the patients mouth. This material is very forgiving and is a doctor and patient favorite.

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