A Better Way to Determine &

Communicate Tooth Shade

What are some of the Benefits?

1. With ShadeWave there is no need to schedule an appointment with your lab technician or lab.

2. Custom shades can be done at your office using a digital camera and ShadeWave tabs.

3. No hassle for your patient needing to go to the lab for a shade.

4. This saves time and money and is more convenient for your patient!

What is ShadeWave?

ShadeWave is a program that determines Shades from a digital camera image.

What will you need?

All you need is a digital camera, shade tabs and the ShadeWave program!

Sending to our lab. How does it work?

The Dental Team opens ShadeWave – 15%
Create Case and upload image – 30%
Our lab is instantly notified and has access to the Case – 45%
We process the Case – 60%
Build the Crown – 75%
Check it and Send the Case to you! – 100%

ShadeWave Example Case!

“Here is the before and after picture. She was our first Shadewave case and the results are amazing! Great work from you all.”

– Dr. Michael Long DDS Office

Have more questions? Want access to the program? 

Please feel free to send us an email at info@harmonydental.com or call 888.354.3594